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Industrial Coatings

Dexter Decorative Supplies is rapidly becoming one of the leading suppliers of industrial coatings in East Lancashire.  We sell a large range of finishes for any number of of surface applications. 


Call us on 01254 52831 and we'll be happy to talk you through our incredibly wide range of primers, quick drying enamels, thinners, floor paints and high temperature aluminium paints that we carry in stock - and that are available to order with rapid delivery.  

  • Quick Drying Enamels

  • Primer Finishes

  • High Build Vinyl

  • Zinc Phosphate Primers

  • Single Pack Floor Paint

  • Two Pack Floor Paint

  • High Temperature Aluminium Paint

  • Xylene Thinner

  • Standard Thinner

  • Mordant Wash

  • Etc..  Call us on 01254 52831

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